◇ Connect your creativity to the cloud!

◆ LCD ePaper panel provides you emulation of handwriting and drawing.

◇ Drawing tablet mode has accurate senser can reply an actual feedback of your stroke and can cooperate with drawing software.

◆ By one-simple-click the you can creation up to the cloud!

◇ APP allows user to store and demonstrate your drawing through mobile device.


Green Board Cloud Drawing Tablet



Battery Capacity:1000 mAh

Input:5V / 1A

Output:5V / 1A



Stylus Size:136.7*10.5mm

Stylus Weight:19g

Powerby:AAAA Battery*1

Electromagnetic Sensor:2048 Level

Sensor Range:5~14 mm

Switch:Pressure sensing

Connection Method:Bluetooth, USB

Green Board Drawing Tablet