Green Board 8.5"|Green Board 電子紙手寫板

Green Board 8.5" Writing Tablet, providing excellent handwriting experience, feel just like writing on paper.

One button to erase all images, no backlight, easy to read. 

  • One button to erase all images

  • No backlight, easy to read

  • Real strokes like pencil writing or drawing on paper

  • Life time: 50,000 times

  • No radiation, toxic free

  • Flexible crystal film technology with scratch-resistant surface


Green Board 8.5" Writing Tablet

  • Size: 221 * 146 * 4.5 mm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Color: Black, Blue, Red
  • Entering Pressure: 10 ~ 20g
  • Battery: CR2016
  • Backlight Ratio: 25~30%
Green Board 8.5"
A new concept of paper-saving

Green Board reflective electronic paper using a flexble cholesteric liquid crystal display technology is a cutting age electronic paper techology. Via use a stylus or fingernail on the surface to make a drawing or to write. To clear the whole screen, just need one push on the erase button. Which require very little power to clear the screen.

You can quickly scribble down impromptu presentation notes. The screen is pressure-sensitive so you can make fat or thin strokes. Green Board power consumption is very little which is only for erasing screen only. The Green Board has passed erasing test requirement for more than 50,000 times. Even Green Board cleared 20 times the height of the frequency of use per day, the ba
So Clean simple to use, one bottom clean all
Easy to write The writing experience is perfect - a pleasure - frustration-free.

Easy to readNo backlight, viewing is excellent in bright sunlight.
Radiation FreeRadiation Free, use of toxic free environmentally friendly materials.
Extremely DurableWriting can be repeated more than 50,000 times, much clear than magnetic tablet.
Easy to carryIt weights only110g, super lightweight a
Environmental protection
One Green Board can saving up to 100,000 sheets of paper
Three colors let you choose

A.Erase key: One touch clear all message
B.Built-in Battery –Replaceable coin-cell battery that lasts up to 50,000 erases
C.Cholesteric liquid crystal panel - flexible LCD technology, scratch-resistant, durable toxic free
D.Sling hole – Available for tied up the stylus
E.Stylus pen tray – Clip-on the stylus

Pressure-sensitive technology: To use a stylus or fingernail to paint or write on the ePaper. Press the clear key to clear the screen. Built-in battery can save 100,000 sheets; it will not be cleared when the battery is out of power, please replace the battery.
The best tool for preschoolers practicing drawings and writings.
Practice writing as on the scratch paper
Old man
he elderly, clinical elderly exchange use, so care more thoughtful
Deaf people
Daily communication tools, use the tablet to convey ideas
Business people, office workers
Paperless office, environmental protection and energy saving carbon reduction
Essential at home
Message, memo, emotional communication even more obstacles