Green Board Writfun W120 Wireless|Green Board 電子紙手寫板

● Upload your screen to cloud storage or send it to your friends
● Long battery life: Up to 7 days (under normal usage). Meet business requirement.
● Perfect writing texture, just like writing on classic paper
● Autogenous handwriting can record every words and picture your draw clearly.
● Synchronous demonstration, users can see their handwriting simultaneously on mobile devices.

Product Name: Green Board Wireless Writfun W120 eWriting Board
Size: 5.3in * 3.8in * 0.3in (135mm * 95mm x 8mm)
Weight: 4oz (110g)
Active Area: 4.7”
Material: Cholesteric LCD penal, Resistance Touch penal
Connection: Micro USB, Bluetooth
System support: Windows 7 / iOS 8 / Android 6 or higher
NCC number: CCAL17LP0620T7
**Made in Taiwan**

Green Board Writfun W120 Wireless
     Paper-free signature

Green Board WritFun W120 Wireless is built to support the need of business signature. Its realistic writing experience and accurate writing can perfectly copy your signature. Suitable for any industry that requires electron signature.
Record Your Every Stroke

Stroke and Sound Simultaneously Record
Green Board WritFun W120 can use WritFun APP to record your every strokes for your demonstration. It can also be used as recorder to display the details of your every action in your writing.
Bluetooth Synchronize Your Writing
Green Board Writfun W120 Wireless equipped with Bluetooth device can simultaneously upload your writing with other device. Its ultra thin thickness allows users to carry it easily.
Send Your Thoughts and Prayers to Beloved one

A sound message may not enough for you to demonstrate your feeling to your beloved one, how about adding a picture along with it?

Green Board Writfun W120 allows you to present your every inspiration and blessing to your friends and family.
Share Your Creation

Tired of the same old stickers on the daily communicate software?
Use Green Board Writfun W120 to create your own sticker and share with your friend! There is no limitation in your imagination!