Green Board Electronic paper | Wireless graphics tablet
about us
Green Board is a electronic paper brand established by GREENON International, it is made by a new technology to replace the traditional paper in writing.
GREENON International began introducing “Green Board” since year of 2011. We are the first introducing electronic paper in Asia. GREENON International is bound to contribute to building a environmentally friendly low-carbon environment, launched in 2016. GREENON's philosophy is to introduce green products for improvising the user's experience from a humanistic point of view. GREENON is proud of providing new writing experiences and effective communication tools in every occasion to reduce the waste of traditional paper combining the concepts of environmental protection and fashion.

greenboard no paper The Green Board electronic paper can be realized as paperless, or even penless writing, It is highlighted of adapting flexible LCD technology from roll to roll LCD production line and combined advantages such as low power consumption, wider viewing angle, without polarizer and backlight.
FCC, CE and Toxic-free Certification ready
Green Board electronic paper is a safe, green product. Can be widely used in office, business note, family message, text communication, child learning and many other fields.
Human factor, ECO friendly design
GREENON International is aiming to create Green Board electronic paper as an energy-saving product with the concept of reducing carbon emission and for environmental protection.