Green Board Electronic paper | Wireless graphics tablet
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  Green Board Sync|Drivers Download  
Windows PC Digitizer Drivers|Download
Support for Windows XP、Windows 7、Windows 10
1. Tablet-PC mode:As device is connected to computer, the drivers will install automatically. When it is doen, Green Board Sync turn into a tablet, you can click or drag on PC with stylus pen.
2. Digitizer Wintab Mode:Please download and install drivers before use.
When the installation completed, please reboot the system. Now the Green Board Sync can work with the raster graphics editor, it allows you to draw with Pen Pressure funcitons.
Android APK|Download
System supports Android 4.3 or later
iOS Appstore|Download
System supports iOS 8.0 or later

  Green Board GCN|User Manual  
Android GCN APP|Download
System supports Android 5.0 or later
iOS GCN APP|Download
System supports iOS 9.0 or later