Green Board MT 10" |Green Board 電子紙手寫板

Quality Assurance: Made in Taiwan

Environmental-friendly: paperless writing

Easy to Erase: Just push the erase button to clear all

True handwriting: Feel jsut like writing on paper

Easy to carry: 10-inch slim design

Erasing Lock: Preserved the handwritten content for long-term

Product Name: Green Board MT 10

Contents: 10-inch Green Board X1, stylus X1

Material: non-toxic plastic shell scratch-resistant electronic paper

Size: 255mm x 166mm x 9.5mm

Weight: 192g

Color: Black

Battery: CR2025 button battery

Origin: Taiwan

Patent number: M550892

Green Board MT 10"
Green Board MT 10"

Green Board MT10 " features an ultra-light, durable, reflective, flexible cholesteric liquid crystal display, which can be written by using a stylus or simply your nail. Feel just like writing or drawing on paper using a pencil. You can press the erase button to clear the screen, reuse it, and reduce the consumption of paper in your daily life.

Green Board MT 10 Features
★Quality Assurance: Using non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, made in Taiwan.
★Environmental friendly: paperless writing, saving hundreds of thousands of paper
Easy to clear, real handwriting
Simply push the erase button to clear pad.
Pressure-sensitive writing, according to the pressure of your writing strength, you can draw thin or wide line as you wish.
Anti-clear lock, light and easy to carry
Just lock the switch when writing, do not worry about accidentally deleted handwritten stroke content
10-inch ultra-thin design, medium size, easy to carry briefcase or backpack
Green Board MT 10 & family life
On the phone at home, on the table, can list charge d'affaires, shopping list, message and reminder, record menu, you can also counseling children to learn, is to practice writing, computing a small helper.
Green Board MT 10 & classroom teaching
At school, students are encouraged to practice writing, drawing in the classroom, conduct quizzes, and reduce the amount of paper consumption in the classroom.
Green Board MT 10 & business applications
Achieve paperless office, use the Green Board MT 10 to make meeting minutes in the office, write down real-time records and record work items instead of notepad, sticky notes, and save a lot of paper.
Green Board & medical communication
Green Board MT 10 is an ideal communication tool for speech and hearing impaired people. Medical staff used to record the patient's condition, but also to remind patients and leave a message
Green Board MT 10 & Illustration design
With the Green Board MT 10, artists, graphic designers and other creative professionals are inspired to create creative ideas right out of the box; the new pressure-sensing captures a wide range of thickness lines.
Green Board MT 10 specifications